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25'000 members! -
Dear members and visitors of DailyQR! I would like to thank you all for being around! We just passed and amazing point: DQ is now more then 25’000 people, with over 400 videos and over 21 photos in 2’800 photo albums. Millions of messages and over 200’000 friendships! Thank you all for being with us!

DailyQR forums are here! -
We’re happy to announce a new feature, so many times requested from our precious members! DailyQR forums is another way to communicate, discus and talk! Please login here: DailyQR Forum using your DQ login & password. We’re waiting for your suggestions about how to improve the forum and thanking you for being with us!

User rating system is here! -
We now finally have content rating system. Any can vote for any photo and video (just one, first vote, will be counted). That will give us a possibility to build up several additional top lists and will improve your search and chances to be on top of DailyQR, because we now have several different algorithms, check out the "Best Of" section. Rating is counting only from 22nd of July 2009, so for a while some of the ratings might be a mess. Please support your favorites by voting for their content!

DailyQR - now with VIDEO. -
DailyQueer is happy to announce that we continue developing our network and its possibilities to help you, our members, to show off yourself even better then ever. Videos upload and sharing is the most wanted feature as of now and we’re happy to introduce you the first DQ video section. It’s a beta version and some problems might appear by we did a wide pre-testing with many different formats.

DailyQR – the comminity, the missunderstandings and the future. -
Dear DQ users! Thank you for being with us. I have to draw your attention to the folliwing information about DQ and it's future. Please read the details here.

"DailyQueer is a social network for you, my dear queers all over the world. Here you can find friends, post your photos, videos and stories - to be seen and to heard. Talk, find friends, be yourself, feel yourself at home. This is a very first beta-version, so your feedback is very welcomed, please let me know!

Enjoy your time, we live just once!

"DailyQueer Hotties' is a hand-made selection of hottest member's content that is done by our good friend, administrator of Updated almost daily is just a list of FEW things that you can find on DQ. More details and to suggest yourself - read here."
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